Enjoy Gardening? 3 Tips To Buy A Fitting Condo

If you are someone who loves gardening, you may know that buying a single-family home would best accommodate this passion of yours. However, you may be more interested in buying a condo over a house for several reasons other than gardening, which means you may feel comfortable enough with giving up the idea of having your own garden to start and maintain.

While some condos do not make it easy or possible to garden with much success, you can take your time searching around until you find units that allow you to garden in clever ways.

Community Garden

The most effective way to enjoy traditional gardening like you would experience in your own home is finding a condo property with a community garden. Living in a community with this particular amenity is great because you will not have to travel far to put time into gardening.

When you are not able to find any condos with a community garden that also have the other features and qualities that you need, you should look for shared gardens in the neighborhood. If you can find a garden within a few blocks, you can rent a plot and start using it on a regular basis.

Outdoor Space

A reliable option for gardening in your own condo is getting an outdoor space with the unit that you buy. Both a patio and balcony can work well for gardening, you just need to pay attention to the amount of sunlight that the outdoor space gets as this can play a huge role in plant growth.

Another detail to consider when looking at condos is the size of the outdoor space. If you want to have plenty of room to furnish the outdoor space for regular use and still have lots of space to garden, you should make sure to prioritize a large patio or balcony when you go condo hunting.


Starting a garden inside your own condo is also an option, especially when you get enough sunlight through the windows. While some plants do well without natural light, you may want the option to grow most plants, which means you want a combination of direct and indirect light.

Analyzing photos and videos carefully while also visiting units during the day will help you determine whether a condo gets enough natural light to start a small garden inside comfortably.

If you want to enjoy gardening as a condo owner, you should know what things to prioritize. Contact a real estate agent for more information or help in your search.

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