Let's Get Small: Have You Considered A Tiny House?

If you're in the market for a new home, there is a fairly new choice on the real estate scene that has caught on like wildfire. Tiny homes offer buyers a unique way to live and have many advantages over larger homes. If you've been intrigued by this trend, read on to find out what makes the tiny home lifestyle so attractive.

Measuring Down

While tiny might be in the eye of the beholder, most of these spare spaces max out at about 400 square feet. You might compare that to the average home in the United States right now, which is a comparatively huge 2,600 square feet. Making a move to a tiny home might seem pretty radical, but those who've done so tout several benefits over normal-sized homes.

Setting priorities

Since less space means less belongings, moving into a tiny home means paring down to what's really important. Much of what you own is packed away or not important anymore, and with less space available you will need to ask yourself what certain items really mean to you. If you are ready to focus more on experiences and people and not furnishings, then going with a tiny home might open up untold opportunities for personal growth.

Home on wheels

These homes are not just small, but they are mobile too. The wheels mean being able to pick up and move wherever and whenever you wish, whether it be summering in the mountains or wintering at the beach. Taking your home with you has another positive aspect; it allows you unlimited amounts of time to spend in spots that you love. Most people need more than just a week or so to get acclimated to a community and this method allows you to do just that.

Save your money for better things

While these little homes are naturally less expensive to buy, they also help you save on recurring expenses that you might encounter in a larger abode. You can expect to spend a lot less on things like maintenance, utilities, and more. Needless to say, this is money that can be used for life-enhancing experiences instead of a money pit.

A new lifestyle

What would you do if you suddenly had more money in your budget? Here are a few ideas that have inspired the tiny house movement:

  • Take up hobbies that have always interested you, and turn that hobby into income.
  • Quit that 9-to-5 job and become your own boss.
  • Take up crafts, painting, or jewelry-making and travel around to craft fairs to sell your wares.

If the tiny house movement sounds like a perfect fit for you, speak to a real estate agent to find tiny homes for sale.

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