Getting Into Real Estate? Why You Should Become A Broker

Real estate is one of those fields that will probably never go out of style. People always need somewhere to stay and the job of a real estate agent is to facilitate the home buying process so that it is simple and easy for their clients. If you're thinking about making a career switch and the real estate sector seems to be calling your name, becoming an agent might seem like the obvious choice. However, you might want to take it a step further and become a broker. Learn more about why you should shift your focus and become a real estate broker instead.

Becoming A Broker Gives You Options

If you want to be a real estate agent, it's a fairly straightforward process. Enroll in a real estate training course, complete it by passing the final examination and you then receive your license. This gives you the legal right to begin helping your clients buy and sell homes, but it doesn't provide you with many options beyond that.

Becoming a broker opens up many more opportunities for you. Just by taking the time to take the brokerage examination and pass it, you'll become a certified broker. Once this happens, you can make the decision to open up your own real estate agency or start a property management company. These are two rolls that aren't open to people who stop at the real estate license stage. Remember, the more options you have at your disposal, the better!

Brokers Make The Bucks

You want your job to be both rewarding and lucrative. Although agents can make decent salaries if they're able to prove their ability to sell, the real money is in being a broker. The median pay for real estate brokers is $56,790, as compared to $44,090 for real estate agents. That's a significant difference. When you factor in that agents are actually out in the field putting in the footwork by finding clients, touring houses and coming up with all of the paperwork, while brokers mainly work out of the office and make their money by getting commission off of the sales that the agents make and you can see why brokers seem to have the more desirable gig.

Beginning a new career as a broker can be a thrill ride of excitement. Take the first step by enrolling in a real estate training course so you can start getting the basics under your belt.

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