Seven Clever Storage Ideas For Savvy Condo Owners And Tenants

If you live in a condo, create a little extra storage in clever ways that won't impact the size of your living space.

Get savvy with storage strategies when you live in a condo; try these seven suggestions:

  1. Get under the stairs. Storing belongings under the stairs works well in a condo, and guests will never know it is there! Create cubbies behind risers with your contractor, or have a door and closet space constructed. Use this typically-overlooked footage for storing items that you don't need often, but that you don't want to discard.
  2. Bring it to the bathroom. A condo bathroom is usually large enough to accommodate something that most homeowners don't think of--a piece of furniture. Add an armoire or piece of cabinetry in the bathroom to serve for additional, bathroom-related storage. An antique or ornate piece of furniture is an unexpected find in the bathroom, but able to contain so much more than a typical vanity will.
  3. Toss it in the fire. Does your condo feature a fireplace? Do you use it? A fireplace that is not being used makes an excellent place to store books, boxes, or baskets; plus, this keeps these belongings close at-hand but out of sight. 
  4. Stash more in your pantry. Most condos have a pantry or kitchen-area closet for food and culinary storage. Optimize this by hanging racks and baskets to tuck extra cooking tools, foods, or holiday themed crockery and décor. Suspend baskets from the ceiling or line the shelves for small-item containment.
  5. Re-purpose your room partition. Create a division and separate spaces in a loft-style space or great-room in your condo with a bookcase that is open on both sides. The bookcase can be used as a room partition, and the shelves can hold a significant amount of storage, from clothes to Christmas decorations.
  6. Hang it up. Don't underestimate the storage value of wall hung racks and fixtures. These are crafted with efficiency and compartmentalization in mind, so they will keep small items and belongings organized and accessible.
  7. Put it to bed. Create a headboard that has shelves, and then cover the shelves with curtains for camouflage to store books, objects, and grooming tools. This may require you to pull your bed about a foot away from the wall. Also, consider investing in a platform or captain's style bed frame for additional hidden storage underneath.

Use these seven strategies to create a bit more storage space in your condo. Doing so will increase their appeal to both buyers and renters. For more tips, contact a realtor at agencies like RE/MAX Associates San Antonio.

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