Marketing Strategies To Help You Gain More Clients

The life of a realtor can be daunting at times. How many homes you sell depends on the market at the time, but if your name isn't out there, you're going to have an even harder time selling houses. You need to market yourself, even if you work for a company. There are a number of marketing strategies to help advertise and get your name out there. See below for some tips to market yourself and gain more clients.

Use Social Media

Social media can go a long way with selling houses, as well as advertising yourself as a realtor. Use several social media outlets such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Post often on these sites, including houses you have for sale, any homes you've renovated or helped to renovate, tips that can help sell a home, or other strategies, as well as open house dates and times. Invite past clients or ask them if they know anyone that is looking for a home. Allow your posts to be public so they can be shared by anyone because word of mouth travels fast.

Leave Business Cards

Ask local businesses if you can leave your business card in their lobbies. You'd be surprised at how many will allow this. Post business card or an ad in your local newspaper, or in a local magazine. It may not cost you much at all to do this. After you sell a home, leave your clients with a few business cards to pass along for you to anyone looking for a new home.

Give Housewarming Gifts

You can create housewarming gifts for your clients such as a new welcome mat for the house, a tray with the words "home sweet home" on them, or something a little more personalized. You can make things fairly cheaply using a vinyl letters, paint and plain items (trays, welcome mats, cookie jars, etc.). Leave a business card with the item and a thank you note inside their new home.

Take A Photo Of The New Homeowner

Take a picture of the new homeowner in front of their house with a sign that says "Sold By.." and then your name. Post the photos on your social media sites (with the homeowner's permission). There's no better marketing strategy than seeing a happy new homeowner.

In order to gain more clients, you'll have to market yourself a bit better. Do your research and go above and beyond in order to find the right house for your client's needs. Get your name out there on social media, and offer tips for homeowners. Talk to other realtors like Ileana Rodriguez - RE/MAX ADVANCE REALTY about marketing strategies to help you.

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