Staging Your Condo? Match The Scent To Accentuate Your House's Strengths

Staging your condo is a complex process. When done well, it can showcase your condo in its best light while giving the home buyer an accurate glimpse into what the condo can look like if they purchase it. Your real estate agent can provide insights about staging the condo to best suit the market in your area. One aspect of a home showing that is often overlooked altogether is appealing to the senses other than sight. Choosing just right scent to accentuate your condo's strengths can help you ultimately sell your condo by increasing its appeal to just the right home buyer.

Coordinate the Scent with Your Style and Décor

The many home scents that are currently available can seem overwhelming because of the sheer volume of choices you have. Don't worry, though. You can choose the right scent for your home when you keep in mind the needs of home buyers and the unique charms of your home. The décor itself should inform your choice. If you have a room where lavender is the dominant color, consider a light lavender scent. For rooms with a lot of reds or other warm colors, go with earthy scents.

Keep the Season in Mind with Each Scent

When you are choosing scents for your home, you also want to consider the season. A home buyer who is checking out homes during the high heat of summer will be distracted by a condo that smells of Christmas scents. Go with scents that complement the current season, yet always go with fresh smells that do not overwhelm the senses. You just want the scents to nicely complement the ambiance provided by your home staging.

Go Natural if Necessary

If you are concerned about using superficial scents in your home or worry that someone may have allergies, you may also consider buying hypoallergenic candles for your condo. If that doesn't work for your tastes, you may also go all natural when it comes to choosing scents for your home. Choose natural essential oils, then use a diffuser to scent certain rooms with them. You may opt for different oils in different rooms. Other options include creating your own home potpourri and setting out Himalayan salt lamps.

Finally, staging your condo for a showing or open house is more of an art than a science. Speak to your real estate agent and spend time deciding which scents are right for your home. The key is to appeal to as many home buyers as possible so that they can imagine themselves in your home. The easier you make it for a home buyer to envision themselves in your condo, the more likely they are to decide that it is the condo they want to purchase. 

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